The Oak Lawn Community Library Foundation

The Oak Lawn Community Library Foundation was founded in 1993 to seek private sector support for maintaining the excellence of materials and services offered by the Oak Lawn Public Library.

The Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization governed by a volunteer board of community members whose time and energies allow us to operate without administrative costs.

Why Have a Library Foundation?

With tax caps, diminishing state and federal funds and the increasing costs of materials and supplies, library service cutbacks are inevitable if new sources of funding are not developed. The Foundation was formed to ensure the the Oak Lawn Public Library will continue to meet the needs of the community.

The Library Foundation also provides an opportunity for private citizens and businesses to make tax-deductible contributions to sustain and expand library programs, materials and services.

How Does the Library Foundation Support the Library?

Donations made to the Oak Lawn Community Library Foundation are invested into a professionally managed Endowment Fund established for the long-term security of the Oak Lawn Public Library. Over the years, this reserve will grow and become large enough to fund major capital projects at the Library.

The Foundation & Local History

In response to a growing interest in the history of our Village, the Oak Lawn Public Library re-established a Local History program in Nov. 2006.

As the Local History program continues to grow and expand, there are many archive storage, display, equipment and staffing needs that go beyond the Library's regular budget. The Oak Lawn Community Library Foundation is committed to remaining involved in this important initiative. By making a donation to the Foundation, you help make that possible.

To Make a Donation

Contact Oak Lawn Public Library Director Jim Deiters at 708-422-4990 Ext. 300.

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