I Was Here by Gayle Forman

This is one of those books that is meant to be discussed!  So much to talk about.  Pick up a copy at the AYA desk or download a digital copy -- and come for light refreshments and stimulating talk.

Tuesday, April  24 at 7:30 p.m.

Avenue Flower Shop and Wine Bar

10632 S. Cicero Avenue

Synopsis: Cody and Meg had been best friends forever. But when Meg went off to college, Cody was left behind in their small hometown. The separation was hard on Cody; then Meg commits suicide.
Part tautly-paced mystery and part psychological study of suicide and its aftereffects, this is an engrossing and provocative look at the devastating finality of suicide, survivor’s guilt, the complicated nature of responsibility, and even the role of the Internet in life-and-death decisions.

Why I chose this book: I love YA Fiction, I wish they had these types of books when I was a YA (young adult). This book was suggested by our Teen Librarian, Izabel, as a great bridge from young adult novel to adult novel and will still keep the adults interested! Aren’t most of us still searching and wondering about why we were put on this earth? - Shannon

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