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Collect Data During the Solar Eclipse

Become a citizen scientist

During our Solar Eclipse Viewing Party on August 21st from 1-2 pm, we will be collecting some data for scientists!  If you are unable to join us, here are a few citizen science projects you too can collect data for.

NASA GLOBE Observer: Eclipse

Temperatures will drop during the eclipse but by how much? Help NASA record air temperature and cloud cover right where you are, immediately before, during, and after the eclipse.

The Eclipse Megamovie

A thousand skilled photographers are needed to create a movie of the eclipse as it travels from coast to coast. Training is required to be an official photographer so be sure to sign up soon (Special protective filters are required to photograph or film the eclipse).

Life Responds

There are anecdotal reports of animals acting oddly during a solar eclipse like birds roosting early and spiders taking down their web. Help gather data on this phenomenon by recording any changes you notice in the animals and plants around you during the eclipse.

Citizen CATE Experiment

Telescopes across the country will be trained on the eclipse to take images of inner solar corona. Will yours be among them? The images will record how the solar atmosphere changes as the moon moves between us and the sun (Special protective filters are required to view the eclipse through scopes).

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