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Bluestem Book of the Week!

2019 Bluestem Nominees!
Have you read any of the 2019 Bluestem Books?
20 books for grades 3 to 5 are nominated every year for the Bluestem Award, and they are displayed in the Youth Services Department.
Take a look at our staff review for this week’s featured book!

Title: The Secret Subway
Author: Shana Corey
Pages: 40 pgs.
Lexile Level: AD810L
Shana Corey offers unique and appealing art work, coupled with the little known story of unsung hero Alfred Ely Beach, who built New York’s first subway and subway train. Unlike today’s trains, Eli’s train was fan powered, and ran a mere 312 feet. Nevertheless, his invention inspired others to envision a transportation system that bypasses garbage, crowds, snow and many other inconvenient obstacles that come with big-city living. Red Nose Studio, credited with the illustrations, provides images of clay figures and miniature models that lend detail and three dimensional depth to the story’s photo illustrations.
Reviewed By: Roger

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