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Caudill Book of the Week!

2019 Caudill Nominees!
Have you read any of the 2019 Caudill Books?
20 books are nominated every year for the Caudill Award, and they are displayed in the Youth Services Department.
Take a look at our staff review for this week’s featured book!

Title: Sachiko: A Nagasaki Bomb Survivor's Story
Author: Caren Stelson
Lexile Level: 850L
Pages: 144
Recommendations & Comments: For most people, the idea of surviving an atomic bomb blast is unthinkable. But Sachiko Yasui did as a small child, and grew up to share her story with the world. This amazing tale is part biography, part history of World War II and the issues surrounding nuclear weapons since then. You will root for this girl as she loses her home, much of her family, and more. Both America and Japan covered up the scary realities of atomic bombs and radiation, but this book doesn't sugar-coat the truth. You will learn about wartime racism, what radiation does to human bodies, and more. But you will also see Sachiko grow into an advocate for peace, inspired by Gandhi and MLK.
Reviewed By: Mr. Tom

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