Book Discussion of Abigale Hall by Lauren A. Forry

Settle in for a great Halloween spook!  Pick up a copy at the library (AYA Desk on the 2nd floor) or download a copy -- then huddle together to talk about it.

  • Abigale Hall by Lauren A. Forry
  • Thursday, October 23
  • 7:30 p.m.
  • Avenue Flower Shop & Wine Bar, 10632 S. Cicero Ave.

Two young sisters who have lost both parents during WW II, Eliza and Rebecca are forced to leave London to work for the mysterious Mr. Brownwell at Abigale Hall; but they soon learn that the worst is yet to come. The vicious housekeeper, Mrs. Pollard, seems hell-bent on keeping the ghostly secrets and rumors of the house away from the sisters and forbids them from entering the surrounding town. When Eliza uncovers some blood-splattered books, ominous photographs, and portraits of a mysterious woman, she begins to unravel the mysteries of the house, but with Rebecca falling under Mrs. Pollard’s spell, she must act quickly to save her sister, and herself, from certain doom.

"I love reading with the seasons, ask anyone who knows me well or search Shannon’s Season’s Readings on our OLPL website. Of course in October I need something that satisfies and fulfills that eerie mood brought on by days ending earlier and air growing cooler. I asked my co-worker Natalie, who loves this genre, and her recommendation of a gothic thriller, with just enough of a spook factor to keep you going, is just what I was looking for. Abigale Hall is a story where the characters and setting bring the supernatural to life on the page, but hopefully not to alive." -- Shannon

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