The Library will be closed to the public beginning Monday, Nov. 23 in compliance with Gov. Pritzker’s Tier 3 COVID restrictions. Click here for more information.

Quarantine Explained

Learn more about the Library materials quarantine...

Why must materials be quarantined?
Many hands touch library materials, many times. The coronavirus can stay active on those materials for several days. That's why they must be quarantined. This is far different from buying an item at a store, or even ordering food, where there is only one exchange of the item.

How long do you quarantine materials?
We quarantine all items for three (3) days at OLPL. During this time, the materials will stay on your account even if you have returned the item. Don't worry, we will not charge fines at this time. Items may stay on your account for up to a week as we work to process returned materials.

How do you know how long to quarantine materials?
Library staff closely follow the results of the REALM Project which is testing how long the COVID-19 virus stays on common library materials. We make adjustments to the quarantine period based on results of these tests, along with recommendations from RAILS. Please find more information about the REALM Project here .

If you have any questions about the quarantine process or your account, please contact us at 708-422-4990.

Created by Meghan Moran on Sep 8th, 2020 @ 2:03 PM.
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