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Educational Animals Visited Library

Thank you Marshmallow, Echo & Bowser!

Over 160 people came to the library on Thursday, June 15th to see the presentation by Hoo Haven.  There was a delay due to Hoo Haven staff encountering a pontoon on the highway, but after their 3.5 hour journey to the library, they were ready to share their stories of rescue & rehab.

Audience noise made microphones a necessity, and technical difficulties resulted in another delay, but by 7pm, Hoo Haven was able to tell everyone about the three animals they brought to the library.

First up was the 20+ year-old leopard tortoise.  She was carried around the room so everyone had the opportunity to take photos.  Once she was put on the floor, patrons could see her move like an elephant.

Next was the white pelican, Marshmallow.  Due to an accident, he only has 1 wing.  He was in a play pen and showed off half of his 9 foot wing span regularly, but patrons were asked to stay at least 3 feet back.  His long neck and beak could reach quite far. Did you know they always swallow their food head first?

Finally, Echo the barn owl was presented to the group.  She was also carried around the room for patrons to get photos. When one of her feathers fell to the floor, it was a great segue into laws about people and keeping anything from a bird of prey.  Even Hoo Haven must turn over feathers to the government when the birds molt. Image was uploaded when editing content by: Emily Kenny

Each animal had its own Q & A time and many of the kids had great questions that the rehabbers were able to answer. They still had an hour- long presentation despite the delayed start.  Everyone who was there learned something new.  Thank you to Hoo Haven and the many patrons who made this event memorable.

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