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Caudill Book of the Week!

2019 Caudill Nominees!
Have you read any of the 2019 Caudill Books?
20 books are nominated every year for the Caudill Award, and they are displayed in the Youth Services Department.
Take a look at our staff review for this week’s featured book!

Title: Moo
By: Sharon Creech
Lexile Level: 790L
Pages: 278
Reena and her family move to Maine to get out of the busy city. She doesn’t know what to expect: all she knows is that “it’s cold up there.” Once they moved, they become acquainted with two farm children, Zep and Beat, a cranky old lady named Mrs. Falala, and her stubbornly aggressive cow named Zora. Reena and Luke unwillingly volunteered to help Mrs. Falala with her chores, even if they feel threatened by her attitude. But when Reena meets Zora, her life is never the same again. Like Mrs. Falala, Reena, at first, has a hard time adjusting to Zora with her stubborn attitude. But she later gains her trust and friendship, and tames her to for the town fair. This heartwarming tale with its creative free-form verse delivers an unlikely friendship between a cow and a girl. Together, the two of them learn to grow and understand each other, as well as the people around them. A man-vs.-nature story that teaches the true meaning of friendship and trust.
Reviewed By: Salimah

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