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2019 Caudill Nominees!
Have you read any of the 2019 Caudill Books?
20 books are nominated every year for the Caudill Award, and they are displayed in the Youth Services Department.
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Title: March, Book One (Young Adult Book)
Author: John Lewis
Lexile Level: 760
Pages: 128
Recommendations and Comments: This graphic novel written by Congressman John Lewis is powerful. It tells the story of the Civil Rights movement from John’s perspective. The story starts when John is a young boy who practices his preaching on the family chickens. Throughout the course of John’s nonviolent movement, he meets Martin Luther King, Jr. and other notable participants from the Civil Rights movement. A very engaging story for upper middle school and high school students.
Stars: 4 out of 5
Reviewed by: Jamie Guardi

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