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Look Up Early Birds!

A total lunar eclipse will happen this month.

You don't need special glasses for this month's eclipse, but you will need to be outside around sunrise (6:45-7:15 am).  Look to the west starting as early as 5:50 am for the start of the lunar eclipse.   A lunar eclipse is when Earth is between the moon and the sun. Back in August we had a solar eclipse where the moon was between the sun and Earth.

On January 31st we will have a total lunar eclipse during our second full moon of the month.  Normally we would call the second full moon in a particular month a "Blue Moon".  Since the moon will turn a deep red color, it will also be a "Blood Moon".  Because February only has 28 days and the moon's phases take 29 days, there will be no full moon in February.  The next time February will be full-moonless will be in 2037!

Created by Emily Kenny on Jan 2nd, 2018 @ 2:42 PM.
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