Kids Fiction Friday: Please Write in This Book

Read this -- but don't obey the title!

Please Write in this Book | by Mary Amato | Lexile Level: 480 | Pages: 97

Reviewed by: Nora Guardi (9) and Jamie Guardi

Nora Guardi, age 9, 3rd grade

The book Please Write in this Book is about kids that have a journal to write whatever they want in it. Soon, it becomes a problem. They have to figure out how to work together to keep the journal or else their teacher will take it away. I highly recommend this book.

Jamie Guardi

Super cute, super fast read. Ms. Wurtz leaves a notebook in the Writing Center of the classroom. She doesn’t tell the students it’s there. One by one, the students find the notebook and start to write stories. The problems start when the students don’t feel like their classmates are being appropriate or writing the “right” things. Great book about a class of students and conflict resolution.

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