Kids Fiction Friday: Bink & Gollie

Light-hearted early chapter books

Kids easing into early chapter books may enjoy the lighthearted adventures of Bink & Gollie . The books written by Kate DiCalmillo and Alison McGhee tell short, simple, hilarious friendship stories. Bink is tiny and blonde and full of enthusiasm. Gollie is tall and brunette and maybe slightly more mature (though she does like to dress up as royalty). They don't see things the same way, but together they make a perfect fit. They might have to figure out a disagreement over socks and pancakes, or play a carnival game without accidentally putting someone in the hospital.

As much as I laugh out loud reading these, what I remember afterward are the wonderful illustrations by Tony Fucile. He spent years designing and illustrating some of your favorite Disney/Pixar movies, and he brings that sort of cartoony, expressive style to these books. Each page uses black-and-white backgrounds to make the colorful characters really pop.

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