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BIG Thank You To Our Volunteers

Great hunt for ripe produce & caterpillars!

Even though it rained most of the day, the weather broke just as we arrived at the community garden. We harvested about 40 pounds of produce including chard, kale, all different kinds of squash and sweet banana peppers on July 12th! This produce will be given to several local food pantries.  With the garden in full swing and all the rain we have had recently, there will be weekly harvesting opportunities with the park district. Low-income families in the community will get a steady supply of fresh food this summer and fall.

Afterwards we hunted for monarch butterfly eggs on milkweed.  Over a dozen were found, collected and will be raised for Oak Lawn Park District's Monarch Fest in September. Several other species of butterflies were at the garden too, including tiger swallowtail and cabbage white.

Everyone had a blast and if you are also interested in helping the garden out, please contact the Oak Lawn Park District at 708-857-2201 and ask for Dolly.

Created by Emily Kenny on Jul 14th, 2017 @ 5:53 PM.
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