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Title: Ghost
Author: Jason Reynolds
Pages: 180
Lexile Level: 730L
Castle Crenshaw (nickname Ghost) knows he can run fast. He knows because when his dad threatened him and his mother with a gun, running was the only way to get away. Life hasn't been kind to Ghost. The kids at school make fun of him because he's poor, and he carries around the weight of his past.
When Ghost stumbles onto a local track team, and decides to show them a thing or two, Coach allows him to join the team. Suddenly, Ghost starts to know what it's like to be part of a team, to have a strong male role model who really cares about him, and to work hard at something and get better.
However, to stay on the track team, Ghost is going to have to steer clear of what his mom calls "altercations," which means keeping his temper when the other kids are giving him a hard time. Could Ghost's bad decisions take away his track star dreams forever?
This is a good book for middle grade readers. It sends the message that you have to work hard and overcome past obstacles to succeed in life.
Reviewed By: Jen T.

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