Still on the fence about trying eBooks?

I know the conversation you are having in your head right now. . .

'I don't like reading eBooks. I'm on a computer all day, I don't want to stare at a screen anymore.  I love the feel of the book and turning the actual pages.  The technology is just too hard.  Reading on a device isn't really reading.  EBooks and all of this technology is ruining our society.  I like to see my progress when I'm reading.  I want to be able to flip through the pages.  I want to be able to share my books.  I love the smell of books. . .'

These are all legit arguments, however, let me counter your arguments with these ideas. . . .

So with all those ideas in mind. . . why not give it a try?  If you are ready, we are willing and able to show you how!  Make an appointment with an eBook Specialist by contacting Shannon Kazmierczak 708.422.4990 x515 or

Created by Shannon Kazmierczak on Jul 12th, 2017 @ 9:33 AM.
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