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Cool Comics for Kids: True War Stories

Hey Everyone!

I know several of you like true stories, and I know everyone loves graphic novels.  So, one of my goals is to expand our Youth Services graphic novel collection with non-fiction titles, especially true stories of courage, adventure, escape, and endurance.  Those descriptions sum up two new books that take place during World War II , Outrunning the Nazis: The Brave Escape of Resistance Fighter Sven Somme by Matt Chandler and Death Camp Uprising: The Escape from Sobibor Concentration Camp written by Nel Yomtov.

In Outrunning the Nazis, resistance spy Sven Somme escapes a German warship and later flees into the mountains. Pursued by 900 German soldiers, Sven treks through 200 miles of wilderness, and finally to freedom.

In Death Camp Uprising, hundreds of prisoners pull off a mass escape from Sobibor death camp, a nearly inescapable prison fenced with barbed wire and surrounded by hundreds of guards armed with rifles and machine guns.

Created by Roger Burns on Jul 12th, 2017 @ 10:03 AM.
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