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Cool Comics for Kids: Leo Geo

Leo Geo and His Miraculous Journey Though the Center of the Earth

Fearless explorer Leo Geo embarks into unknown territories -  digging, climbing, crawling, and worming his way through the center of the Earth. As Leo traverses deep chasms, narrow tunnels, and vast underground caverns, he encounters  a multitude of unexpected life forms, including; giant centipedes, a man-eating quadclops, and an evil legion of cave dwellers who are determined to invade and colonize the Earth’s surface. Leo Geo and His Miraculous Journey through the Center of the Earth is undoubtedly fantasy, yet author Jon Chad also provides factual information on geological features, thus creating a unique blend of fantasy and fact. Readers will also enjoy Jon Chad’s immersive art work which is complimented by an innovative - and surprising - book format.

If you enjoy Leo Geo and His Miraculous Journey through the Center of the Earth...

Check out Chad's follow up: Leo Geo and the Cosmic Crisis . Our intrepid hero blasts into outer space to rendezvous with his astronomer brother Matt Data. Once again, Chad offers a mix of facts and fantasy that are delivered in an unique and clever format.

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