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2018 Bluestem Nominees!
Have you read any of the 2018 Bluestem Books?
20 books are nominated every year for the Bluestem Award, and they are displayed in the Youth Services Department.
Take a look at our staff review for this week’s featured book!

A Blind Guide to Stinkville
By: Beth Vrabel
Pages: 249
Lexile Level: NA

This title tells you so much about the book. Stinkville is the town that Alice and her family move to. Alice is almost completely blind, due to being born with albinism. Yet even though she needs help from others, Alice gets around her new community and learns so much about the people that live there and the history of Stinkville. While touring her community, Alice is on a quest to write an award winning essay for the community contest, and prove that she can be as successful as of the other children in Stinkville.
This is a great book for kids to read. They learn about how to treat people with physical and mental disabilities, and this book really teaches kids that a little kindness can go a long way.

Reviewed by: Jen T.

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