52 Weeks, 52 Books: Week 11

Countdown and Revolution, by Deborah Wiles Two kids' books that you will LOVE

So yes, these are kids’ books. You’ll find them downstairs in our juvenile fiction section. But you should not let their shelving location prevent you from reading these two (soon to be three) astonishing books. You should not let the reading level trick you into thinking these books are beneath you, because I promise you, they are not. Even though these books are illustrated, they are not beneath you. In fact, the illustrations—pictures and ephemera from the sixties, with quotes and captions—deepen these books more than you can imagine.

Set in the sixties, these books show the social and political changes taking place through children’s eyes. In Countdown, Franny must navigate the fears of the nuclear age. In Revolution, Sunny experiences the highs and lows of the Freedom Summer. Each girl is also dealing with the normal realities of being a pre-teen girl. Friendship crises, family changes, secrets and lies—all of these things affect the two girls. There is so MUCH in these books, and yet…they’re enormously fun to read.

Please stop by the children’s department and pick up these books, or put them on hold for pick-up. (Click here for Revolution, and here for Countdown.) You won’t regret it.


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