52 Weeks, 52 Books: Week 10

His Majesty's Dragon, by Naomi Novik

Here I go, recommending another first-in-a-series book. But I can’t write book recommendations and not recommend this book. It’s one of my favorite reads of the last ten years. I like it so much I’ve read it over and over again. It’s like comfort food for me: if I’m in a sad or bad mood, a quick re-read of this book, and I feel better. I also often just refer to it as Temeraire, after the main character of the book. Like a good friend, this books needs a nickname.

Temeraire, by the way, is a dragon. He enters the book still in his egg, but makes his entrance into the world and sets off the action in this book upon his first words. Yep, Temeraire is a talking dragon. Oh, perhaps I should mention that the world Temeraire enters is the Europe of Napoleon and the early 1800s. Yep, dragons and the Napoleonic Wars. Let me reassure you, this book isn’t too militarily detailed to be interesting to ordinary readers. I’m the last person that wants to read about troop movements and battles. This book is about Temeraire, and his relationship with his handler, and their relationship to the nation. If that sounds boring, well, it isn’t. I think part of the reason I love it is because in some ways Temeraire reminds me of my dog. If my dog could talk.

It sounds wacky, but give it a chance. You might surprise yourself. (Note: your mileage may vary with the sequels in the series. They’re not quite as compelling.) Click here to place a hold.


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