52 Weeks, 52 Books: Week 35

The Cubs Way by Tom Verducci // How the Cubs did it in 2016 (won the World Series, I mean)

I realize that I work on the South Side, but I’m a North Sider by heritage and now by home location. And mostly that doesn’t matter; we’re all Chicagoans. But there is one thing that I think roughly follows your “side” identity: baseball team allegiance. I’m an out and proud Cubs fan, and I’ve been a Cubs fan since birth, or thereabouts. I now probably don’t have to tell you that 2016 was one of the most fun baseball years EVER for me and my family.

If you happen to be a South Side Cubs fan (and I know you’re out there!), it is well-worth picking up Verducci’s excellent book about the lead-up to 2016 and then the actual 2016 season. Verducci had enough access to the Cubs to really explain the inside baseball stuff, and he did a great job of explaining the hard work and crazy luck that winning a World Series takes. He is able to capture on the page some of the bigger personalities on the team without making them the centerpiece of the story; the centerpiece is always the World Series. It’s such an illuminating picture for fans.

You don’t have to be a Cubs fan to enjoy this (though it’ll probably help you like the book), but maybe this book isn’t for Sox fans (unless you’re looking for a hate read?). If you bleed Cubbie blue, click here to place this book on hold.


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