52 Weeks, 52 Books: Week 6

Speed Kings, by Andy Bull The Boys in the...Sled?

Were you (like me…) one of the many people who enjoyed enormously The Boys in the Boat ? If so, Speed Kings might be the next book for you. It’s the same formula: men, involved in an obscure(ish) sport, in this case bobsledding, and their life stories. In this case, the sport is really just becoming organized enough to make it to the Olympics; in fact, the two-man event is added in the year this book really concentrates on. And the equipment is, accordingly, primitive. If the descriptions of some of the bobsled runs don’t scare you…well, let’s just say I was scared.

Like Boys in the Boat, the cast of characters in this book is engaging and interesting. The “speed kings” are daring risk-takers, and their personal lives reflect that characteristic. Unlike the “boys in the boat” who were crazy hard workers, bobsledders in this era were slightly less so. In fact, I think the term playboy might even be applied to one or two of them. But that doesn’t make their daring feats less interesting!

If you’re willing to exchange summer for winter, and boats for sleds, this is a perfect read for you. And I have no doubt that the delicious suspense of who will win the gold will keep you reading to the very end. Click here to place on hold.


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