Exhibitor Announcement!

Klingon Assault Group IKV batlh qa' and the Klingon Language Institute

Up next in our exhibitor spotlight are the Klingons! Klingon Assault Group IKV batlh qa' will be joining us for a second year and we are excited to host the Klingon Language Institute for the first time. Their members will also be presenting a panel to teach you some Klingon 101.

The Klingon Language Institute studies and teaches the Klingon Language from Star Trek, invented by Marc Okrand. The KLI has presented workshops and table demos across the US, including recently at Starbase Indy and during Adler Planetarium's "Adler After Dark" events. Learn more at www.kli.org.

The IKV batlh qa' (Spirit of Honor) is the local ship of the international, not-for-profit STAR TREK fan organization that focuses on exploring the Klingon way of life through costuming, role-playing, prop building, language learning, and more. Learn more at www.kag.org.

If you missed the performance by the Klingon Pop Warrior at last year's Fan Fest: Cosmic Quest, here's a snippet! Follow the Klingon Pop Warrior and catch their next show here: www.klingonpopwarrior.com.

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