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Love reading magazines?

Try ZINIO, the Library’s new eMagazine collection and read them on your iPad, Android tablet, Mac or PC. We’ve selected over 50 popular magazines, including Chicago Magazine, Field and Stream, Family Circle, Marie Claire, Martha Stewart Living, Newsweek, Reader’s Digest, Rolling Stone, Seventeen, US Weekly and more. You can read the full-color, cover-to-cover issues as soon as they’re available–no waiting. Intrigued? To get started, watch the tutorial on setting up your account below.


Watch these tutorials to help you get started or read the instructions below.

Zinio for Libraries Zinio on the iPad



Setting up your Account:

In order to access Zinio, you will set up two separate accounts, a library account and a personal account.   NOTE: These two accounts can use the same email and password.

1. Go to the Zinio Site by clicking on the link at the top of this page.

2. Enter your library card number and last name to connect.

3. Create the library account using the “Create Account” link on the top right.

4. Once you receive your confirmation email, click the link to confirm your account.

5. Log in to your newly created library account (give it a moment for the page to load).

6. You will now create your personal account when you select your first magazine and click the Check Out button.  Remember that you can use the same email address and password if you choose.

7. Your personal account will open in a separate browser tab.  The library account tab is labeled ‘Return to Library Collection’. This is the tab from which you will select more magazines to add to your personal account.

Choosing Magazines:

You can add magazines to your personal account by selecting magazines while logged into the library account (under the ‘Return to Library Collection’ or ‘Magazine Detail Page’ tab on your browser.)

Reading Magazines:

You read magazines using your personal Zinio account on a PC, Mac or a mobile device.



1. Can I be charged for reading a magazine in Zinio?

The Library has subscribed to a number of magazines available through Zinio.  These magazines are free when you add them to your personal account from the library account.  Zinio is a commercial website and you do have the option to purchase additional magazines for your personal use with your own money.

2. Can I recommend a title to add to the eMagazine collection?

While not every title is available to libraries, we would love to hear what titles Oak Lawn Library card holders want us to include in this new service.
Click here to to make a suggestion.

3. For how long can I check out a magazine?

There is no loan period.  You keep the magazines for as long as you like.  You can delete them from your personal Zinio account when you’ve finished with them.

4. Can I print from a magazine?

The ability to print is determined by the publisher of each magazine.   Depending on the publisher, you can print a range of pages, a single page or none at all.
Printing is not available from the mobile apps.  You must print while using Zinio in your browser.

5. How many people can look at the same magazine at once?

There is no limit to the number of people who can use a magazine issue at the same time.  Enjoy!

6. If I already have my own Zinio account, can I use it for my library account as well?

Yes.  If you want to use the same username and password for both accounts, your password on your pre-existing Zinio account must have at least 7 characters & include letters and numbers.

7. When I select a magazine, will I continue to get new issues?

This depends on the magazine title.  Some do send their new issues automatically, but many require you to get it yourself by returning to the library account and adding it to your personal account each time a new issue comes out.

8. I get the error: “This magazine offer or download page cannot be found…”

This is a bug that Zinio is aware of that we hope they will be addressing soon.  The bug appears to be sporadic, so you should be able to gain access to the magazine by trying again later.  Please click here to report errors that are persisting.

9. How can I install Zinio on my Kindle Fire?

Read Zinio’s Kindle Fire F.A.Q. at http://imgs.zinio.com/faq/kindlefire.html

List of Titles

Click here to see the complete list of available magazines.

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